The Need-To-Know’s If You Want A Career In The Roofing Biz

Roofing contractors, they say get paid quite a bit for their services with slate roofing at North Shore equal quality and durability. Especially since the roofing business is mostly self-employment through contracts, it’s quite a business for those who are interested in physical and manual labour that involves not being on the ground all the time. Having a look at some of the jobs in the roofing business will give one a sense of the typical work conditions, duties, requirements and pathways to getting into it.

So what does a roofing contractor do? They simply repair and replace roofs on either homes or commercial structures and/or buildings. It’s a yearly work and some even work around the world! Knowledge of home construction is a must as a roofing contractor as it is crucial for the reparations, replacements and quotes regarding the best way to do the above. One must obtain a license to do so, which usually involves working with an experienced contractor to gain a greater understanding what is involved with the job.

Homeowners can hire contractors to repair damages caused by weather conditions and they can also hire them to replace roofs (which cause a fair bit, actually!) and some can also install solar panels. This is a specialised line of work for some contractors. If one was an electrician before, working as a roof contractor and specialising in solar panel installation is usually their migration path.

Next up are roof tilers. Some people, if not most, first go through as an apprentice roof tiler under a more experienced one because it provides them with an opportunity to develop an even deeper and greater understanding, learning about the work ethics and knowledge of this particular trade. Some of the duties involve measurements and calculations, tiling regular or irregular roofs, repairing and/or renovating, roof tile painting and the application of protective coats, and carrying out any OHS requirements.

In addition from tile-work, tilers also fix ridge caps or weatherproof coverings (flashings), handle equipment and tools and securing and maintaining a proper work result with heritage roof repairs. Climbing, lifting, bending, straining, balance and coordination are also required and needed for this kind of job.

All these jobs involve manual labour, physical toiling and for those willing to work with heights and outdoors with an onslaught of both favourable and unfavourable weather conditions.

Apprenticeships, certificates and trainings are available either through TAFE or VET courses. Checking local listings is important as each state and territory has different requirements for licenses.

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