Indoor Pool Vs. Outdoor Pool Pros And Cons

When building a pool most of you might think indoor ones are really cool, and some of you may think that outdoor pools are fun because while swimming you can also get a nice tan. However there are pros and cons of both these methods.

All weather recreation

The biggest pro in indoor ones are that you can continue your activities no matter what the weather is. Rainy, sunny or even snowing you can use the indoor pool. However the con would be that you will need to get a swimming pool safety inspector more often than an outdoor pool. You can install a heating system and can easily control the water temperature to fit the outside temperature. However the biggest con of this method would be that it costs a lot to install it inside the house. You need to either create an extension of the house to make the pool or use spare space in the house to build it. However compared to outdoor pools the installation cost is high.


Compared to outdoor ones indoor ones have less maintenance cost. Since they are inside the damage from dust and debris are lower than an outdoor one. So the cost of cleaning and maintaining is lower. However the con would be that indoor pools require a lot of lighting even during the day time compared to outdoor pools. Because they are inside you need to fix light fittings on the roof of the pool and around it. Also you need to make special flooring around the pool inside to makes sure it is safe and should get a pool safety certificate at Gold Coast to guide you through the process of making it safer. Indoor pools require a lot of safety precautions like special gates and fences to prevent kids from falling drowning.

Serves the purpose

Sometimes having a pool in the house gives a lot of party opportunities and enhances the look of the house. But indoor pools cannot contribute to this purpose. Since the pool is inside you cannot easily throw pool parties or barbeques by the pool. There is quite big con in there. If you live in a state where the winter is very short and it is mostly summer you need to think twice before having an indoor one. Because you may have a lot of summer activities and you won’t be able to enjoy these if it’s inside. However if you are allergic to sun and tend to get bad sun burns indoor one would be a good idea.

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