How To Increase Security Of Your Construction Site?

One of the most important concerns for contractors is the theft of equipment and material on a construction site. You will need to plan well and secure the construction site to prevent this from happening. There are many ways of doing this. This article will shed light on a few methods used to secure construction sites

One common way of marking the perimeter of the site and securing it is by the use of hoarding. These are temporary structures that include fencing, gates, barriers, viewing windows etc. This will help separate the construction area from the general public. You will be able to control who enters the site. This way, none of the general public will accidentally stumble on to the site. Construction sites are quite dangerous due to the activities that are happening inside and those working on it will need protective gear. You also need to keep inventory of the assets and property within the site. Make sure you keep a record of the equipment and update it when required. You should lock up vehicles, equipment and materials on the site. You can make sure that nobody is able to make off with equipment by installing hidden kill switches. There are many companies that provide hoarding services. You can consult with them and find out how to protect your site more effectively. You should have only one or very few access points to the construction site so that it is easier to control and monitor who comes in. Vehicle access should be limited as well. If you want parking for visitors and employees to the site, you can give an area which is outside the site. You need to ensure that the site is well lit and equipped with alarms to deter theft. A well-lit site will have very few spots for an intruder to hide.

You can also install light systems that can sense motion. Silent alarms can be installed so that the authorities are notified in case of an intrusion. This will help you catch the perpetrators easily. You can also have sirens and flashing lights that will activate when an intruder access the site. Make sure that all employees and subcontractors are instructed to notify those in charge of incidents of theft. You can increase the security of the perimeter by having guards patrol it. They should have means to communicate if they notice anything unusual. You should also invest in video surveillance in areas where vehicle traffic enters and exits the site. You can have a security company that will take care of the safety of the site by updating the security protocols.

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